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Send candidate information directly to your ATS without leaving the jobboard. Match vacancies, extend candate details with e-mail address and phonenumber.

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Tired of switching between your ATS and your favourite jobboard? With the SimpleRecruiter browser plugin you can interact with your ATS directly without leaving your jobboard. Find and add candidates, update profile information and match them with vacancies.

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Copy candidates to ATS

With a click of a button copy all profile information to your ATS. Our plugin recognizes existing candidates.

Match with your vacancies

Link candidates from your jobboard directly to your vacancies without leaving the jobboard.

Edit candidate information

Got outdated information in your ATS? Edit and update your candidate without leaving the jobboard.

Update application status

Monitor and update candidate application ATS status right from our plugin.

Get e-mail & phonenumbers

Extend candidate information from your jobboard with additional data such as e-mail and phonenumbers

Supercharge your ATS

Powerful features for your preferred jobboard

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14 days trial

Copy profiles to your ATS

Edit profile from your jobboard

Perform up to 5 actions per day, such as copying or updated profile information

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€ 25/user/month

Everything Lite

Match candidates to vacancies

Extend profile information

Update application status

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Multiple jobboards supported


€ 200/user/month 

Automate candidate search

Sent personlized messages 

More information

Match with vacancies in your ATS

Support for multiple jobboards

SimpleRecruiter supports the following ATS platforms: 
OTYS, Mysolution, Carerix, Cluen, Recruitee & Bullhorn

Your ATS not supported yet? Please reach out to

“Finally I can quickly update my ATS without manually typing all the profile details. Adding my notes on candidates or updating their application right from the jobboard is just awesome!”

Jan Kievit

CEO, LogIQ & IQ Select

What our customers say?

Awesome support and smooth onboarding

"SimpleRecruiter puts my ATS right where I want it: in LinkedIn. No more back and forth, just matching & updating candidate information straight from the jobboard."

Mitchell Boekhoudt

Recruitment Consultant, Eonics

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